In a tavern at Whitespire, Barrio and three of his fans are sitting at a table in the back of the tavern when eight half ogre bandits rush into the building. Their leader demands the tavern keep to yield all of theirs and their guests supplies and currency or the tavern would be burned. Barrio stood up and told them to leave the tavern or they would feel a pain far worse than death. The half ogres moved to attack Barrio and his fans without mercy. A few short whispers brought their leader to sheer insanity causing him to run from the tavern, never to return. Once the bandits were leaderless Barrio and his fans quickly dispatched most of them and what was left was turned over the the guards. When offered a reward Barrio denied the city for his protection was not for sale but done out of the kindness of his heart. That is how the tale begins for the four as after that day the fans joined Barrio's adventures to save other towns and city's of their woes.