Luxeterra, is the central planet of the cosmos in the Luxeterra campaign setting. The planet, having been created by Szul and Ghaia in millions of years ago, is host to a wide range of inhabitants.

History Edit

Written history begins around fifteen thousand years ago in the form of mysterious markings and carvings that still exist in caves across Luxeterra. These markings do not appear to be of any of the prominent intelligent races of Luxeterra, and are assumed to be a race that no longer exists on Luxeterra. Little is known of the early years of Luxeterra, prior to this time. The civilized raced, created by the light of Ghaia, lived mostly in tribes dotted across the Content of Lix until around 8,000 years ago when kingdoms and nations began to form.

Continents Edit

Lix Edit

Lix is the most known and explored content across Luxeterra. It is home to the civilized races and their nations.

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The Ebonhold Edit

While a large landmass does exist to the south of Lix in the Ebonhold, this phrase generally refers to that landmass and it's surrounding areas. These areas are the areas most affected by the Ebonplague brought about by Szul.

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Zeazmar Edit

Zeazmar is a mysterious continent to the southwest of Lix. Only recently have expeditions begin setting out to map and explore this bizarre tropical continent. Word has returned from Zeazmar of barbaric tribes who use primitive forms of magic requiring blood sacrifice, and monsters that turn the most brave of adventurers and explorers pale.

Celestial Objects Edit

The Gemini Edit

Luxeterra has two suns in it's skies, named Remus and Aeneus. Throughout the summer months, these suns draw further apart, leading to longer days. During high summer, the day is 20 hours long, with four hours in the morning and evening only having one sun in the sky. During the winter, the Gemini draws closer together, leading to days as short as six hours long in the depths of winter.

During their creation, Ghaia imbued the Gemini with a deep magic that wards Luxeterra from the gods walking it in their full form. As such, the gods must take a more basic form if they travel to Luxeterra.

The Starhomes Edit

Unlike most campaign settings, in the Luxeterra setting, the different planes actually exist as physical locations amidst the cosmos. The realms of the deities are located on these starhomes, as well as all of the other planes normally present in a campaign setting.

Travelling to a starhome requires significant magic, and so most portals to starhomes are generally opened from the starhome to earth.

Other Features Edit

The Ebonplague Edit

The Ebonplague is a magical disease that is present all across Luxeterra due to the corruption of Szul. The Ebonplague twists and contorts any human or creature that consumes it, whether through accidental ingestion of plagued food, or purposefully during a dark ritual.